‘Racial segregation must be seen for what it is…’

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Photo: Dick DeMarsico (CC)

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, 15 January 1929 – 4 April 1968

Fifty years since the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, on 4 April 1968, Lobby for Cyprus continues to be inspired by his legacy. Dr King’s opposition to segregation and his pursuit of justice are as relevant to Cyprus today as they were to the United States during his lifetime.

Not only does Cyprus remain trapped in the chains of ‘bi-communal’ and ‘bi-zonal’ segregation. Its forcibly displaced citizens continue to be discriminated against or otherwise deprived of the civil rights which ought to have been their birthright. And justice has been denied amid a culture driven by appeasement, denial and impunity.

In keeping with the philosophy espoused by Dr King, Lobby for Cyprus will continue to campaign for freedom, desegregation and justice. These are noble goals which must be realised. In the meantime, Lobby for Cyprus reminds the Member States of the Council of Europe, the European Union, NATO and the United Nations of the timeless warning issued by Dr King on 16 April 1963:

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’