About us


Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights NGO based in the UK that campaigns for a truly unitary Cypriot state.

Lobby for Cyprus was formed in 1992 and since its inception has campaigned against the invasion, occupation, ethnic cleansing and destruction of the cultural heritage of the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey.

Being independent and non-aligned has enabled Lobby for Cyprus to maintain its policies and freedom to evaluate developments concerning the Cyprus issue and to campaign accordingly without influence and pressure from external political forces.

Lobby for Cyprus strongly believes that any settlement that does not guarantee the implementation of the 3Rs as minimum principles will lead to a bi-zonal confederation. The 3Rs:

  • Removal of Turkish occupation troops
  • Repatriation of Turkish colonists
  • Return of refugees

Lobby for Cyprus will never accept a settlement that will create an apartheid state in Cyprus and thus deny Cypriots the fundamental rights enjoyed by other European Union citizens.

Lobby for Cyprus will continue its struggle for as long as the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus remains under Turkish occupation.