The 3Rs

Lobby for Cyprus 3Rs and UN resolutions

The 3Rs are the cornerstone of the Lobby for Cyprus campaign – the minimum principles for any viable settlement to the Cyprus issue.

They are consistent with United Nations resolutions that condemn the Turkish occupation, expulsion of the Greek Community and colonisation of the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus. The international community has done little, if anything, to pressure Turkey to comply with the following, amongst many other UN resolutions.

Removal of all Turkish troops

UN resolution 37/253:

“[the UN is] Deploring the fact that part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus is still occupied by foreign forces… Demands the immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus… Considers the withdrawal of all occupation forces from the Republic of Cyprus as an essential basis for a speedy and mutually acceptable solution of the Cyprus problem”

Repatriation of all colonists

UN resolution 1987/50:

“Expresses its concern also at the policy and practice of the implantation of settlers in the occupied territories of Cyprus which constitute a form of colonialism and attempt to change illegally the demographic structure
of Cyprus”

Return of all refugees

UN resolution 37/253:

“Calls for respect of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots, including the freedom of movement, the freedom of settlement and the right to property and the instituting of urgent measures for the voluntary return of the refugees to their homes in safety”