Refugee voices

Memories of life before and during the Turkish invasion of 1974: a teenage refugee from Kyrenia fled with few belongings such as family photos and her diary, which gives a day-by-day account of her escape. Her brother, shown above, was listing as missing. His remains were recently found – he was murdered by Turkish troops.

The stories of those who fled and those who made the painful visit to their homes and lands in occupied Cyprus  Continue reading

Seminar report: The ‘Disappeared’ of Cyprus

Niki missing relatives

On 16 July, Lobby for Cyprus held its annual seminar at Cyprus Week, which takes place at Theatro Technis in London every year. The theme of this year’s event was a remembrance of those listed as missing following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus  in 1974. In collaboration with the Organisation of Relatives of Missing Cypriots (UK), the tragic stories of the missing persons of Cyprus were told from the perspective of their relatives. Continue reading

Seminar: The ‘Disappeared’ of Cyprus

The disappeared of Cyprus

The tragic stories of the missing persons of Cyprus, as told from the perspective of their relatives.

In the summer of 1974 Turkey invaded and ethnically cleansed the northern areas of Cyprus in violation of international law and ethical principles of civilised conduct.

To mark 41 years since the Turkish invasion and continued unlawful occupation of one third of the Republic of Cyprus, Lobby for Cyprus and the Organisation of Relatives of Missing Cypriots (UK) is focussing on the tragedy of the ‘disappeared’.

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