August 1974: ‘Shock report from Cyprus on the Turkish invaders’


The following article appeared in The Sun newspaper, 5 August 1974.

”Sun reporter Iain Walker sends a shock report from Cyprus on the Turkish invaders Continue reading


‘Warships block Cyprus gas exploration’: letter to The Times

The Times 'Warships block Cyprus gas exploration'

Letters to the Editor
27 February 2018

Dear Sir

Re: ‘Warships block Cyprus gas exploration’

I refer to your report published on 17 February 2018 (‘Warships block Cyprus gas exploration’). For a number of reasons, your report is, at the very least, misleading or apt to mislead.  Continue reading

‘The terrible secrets of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus’

Sunday Times 23 January 1977 ‘The terrible secrets of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus’

The Sunday Times: 23 January 1977

quote-marks-openThe plight of Cyprus, with 40 per cent of the island still occupied by Turkish troops who invaded in the summer of 1974, is well known. But never before has the full story been told of what happened during and after the invasion. This article is based on the secret report of the European Commission of Human Rights. For obvious reasons, Insight has withdrawn the names of witnesses who gave evidence to the Commission.  Continue reading