From land grab to the pillage of hydrocarbons: Turkey continues its colonial exploitation of Cyprus

Drilling platform for natural gas extraction in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone © Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus

“True to form as regional bully of the Mediterranean, Turkey recently announced that it plans to send ships to engage in fresh forms of illegality by unlawfully drilling for oil and gas in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus,” said Lobby for Cyprus spokesperson Vangelis Christou.  Continue reading


Paving the way for segregation in the Republic of Cyprus: 60 years since the London Agreement 

Archbishop Makarios and Fazil Kucuk sign the Zurich Agreements, 1960
The last Governor of Cyprus Sir Hugh Foot, Archbishop Makarios and Dr Fazil Kutchuck sign the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, 16 August 1960 © Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus

19 February marks the passage of 60 years since the London Agreement was initialled at Lancaster House in 1959. In common with so many texts which have come to haunt the Republic of Cyprus, the London Agreement was drafted in secret, in the absence of any public consultation exercise and in line with the interests of foreign powers. Continue reading

Celebrating illegality in Cyprus: Mustafa Akinci, non-‘president’ of a non-entity

Illegal entity. UN resolutions 541 and 550 are clear. The purported ‘UDI’ of the Turkish-occupied area of Cyprus is ‘legally invalid’ and must be withdrawn. © Lobby for Cyprus

On 15 November, Ankara’s mouthpiece in occupied Cyprus Mustafa Akinci ‘celebrated’, as he does every year, the purported establishment of Turkey’s illegal subordinate administration in the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus that Turkish forces arbitrarily seized in 1974.  Continue reading

Erdogan: “We will increase our [occupation] troops in Cyprus”

Turkish troops in 1974
Turkish troops on parade in 1974. President Erdogan has stated that Turkey will increase its number of occupation troops in Cyprus.

“In a further demonstration of Ankara’s longstanding intransigence over Cyprus, President Erdogan recently stated that Turkey will increase its troop presence in the area of the Republic of Cyprus it has occupied since 1974”, said Lobby for Cyprus spokesperson Vangelis Christou. Continue reading

The Turkish regime has deepened its colonisation and exploitation of the occupied part of Cyprus

Turkish colonists: approximately 162,000 Turkish nationals have been illegally transferred to the occupied area of Cyprus by Turkey since 1974, in an attempt to alter the demographic composition of the island.

14 August marked the tragic day on which Turkey launched its second brutal invasion of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. It has been asserted that the Turkish regime has deepened over the past 44 years its colonisation and exploitation of the occupied territory of Cyprus amid the international community’s silence and support for Turkey’s bi-communal bi-zonal federal policy. Continue reading

Eptakomi: A symbol of illegality, injustice and impunity

Eptakomi graveyard
A looted grave in Eptakomi, in the area of Cyprus under illegal Turkish occupation since 1974. © Eptakomi Association UK

On 18 July 2018, one day after the Day of International Criminal Justice and one hundred years to the day since the birth of the late Nelson Mandela, Eptakomi Association UK and Lobby for Cyprus organised the commemorative event ‘Uprooted: The disappearing community of Eptakomi’ at Theatro Technis, London.   Continue reading

1974: The bloodshed caused by the Turkish invasions of Cyprus

Tanks of the Turkish invaders in Cyprus 1974
Turkish invasion forces in Cyprus, 1974. The Turkish military committed appalling atrocities, as documented by the European Commission of Human Rights.

20 July and 14 August mark two blood-soaked episodes in the turbulent modern history of Cyprus: the days on which Turkey invaded and re-invaded Cyprus in 1974. Continue reading