Erdogan’s visit to the UK: open letter to Prime Minister May


Lobby for Cyprus open letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Continue reading


In memoriam: Andrew Kevorkian

Andrew Kevorkian, photographed at the PSEKA Cyprus, Hellenic and Orthodox issues Conference, Washington DC, 2008 © Lobby for Cyprus

1927-2017. Remembering our dear friend and colleague Andrew (Avedis) Karnig Kevorkian, who passed away a year ago, on 14 April 2017.  Continue reading

What’s yours is ours: Turkey’s gunboat diplomacy in Cyprus

Saipem 12000 cc

‘What we stole from you is ours and what we haven’t stolen from you, you must share.’ 

This is in effect Turkey’s position with regard to the hydrocarbon energy resources of the Republic of Cyprus, an independent member state of the Commonwealth, Council of Europe and European Union.  Continue reading

Night for Cyprus 2017: address by Lobby for Cyprus co-ordinator

Night for Cyprus 2017 coordinator's welcome
Lobby for Cyprus co-ordinator addresses the Night for Cyprus 2017 © Peter Pentayiotis

quote-marks-open 43 years have passed since the two Turkish invasions and subsequent occupation of our beloved island. Yet, we are no closer to any settlement. As a matter of fact, we are far away from a settlement as a result of Turkey’s regional policy and grand strategy dating back to 1956, both of which adversely affect Cyprus.  Continue reading