Cyprus 1974: the second Turkish invasion and the scandal of the ongoing occupation

Army of illegal occupation: Turkish troops in Cyprus, 1974

Forty-five years ago, on 14 August 1974, Turkey launched the second of its brutal invasions of the Republic of Cyprus. Continue reading


1974-2019: 45 years of unchecked Turkish aggression in Cyprus

Invading Turkish troops in Cyprus, 1974. The European Commission of Human Rights documented many of the appalling atrocities that were committed by the Turkish military.

The date 20 July represents the awful anniversary of Turkey’s illegal, brutal and unjustified invasion of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. Continue reading

1974: The bloodshed caused by the Turkish invasions of Cyprus

Tanks of the Turkish invaders in Cyprus 1974
Turkish invasion forces in Cyprus, 1974. The Turkish military committed appalling atrocities, as documented by the European Commission of Human Rights.

20 July and 14 August mark two blood-soaked episodes in the turbulent modern history of Cyprus: the days on which Turkey invaded and re-invaded Cyprus in 1974. Continue reading