20 July 1974: day of shame


20 July 2016 marks a dark anniversary: another year and another day of shame, in which the Turkish government maintains its illegal hold on the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus, through its occupation with 43,000 troops.  Continue reading


Rally for Cyprus 2016


To mark the 42nd black anniversary of Turkey’s unlawful invasion and occupation in Cyprus, Cypriots will take to the streets of central London on Saturday 16 July 2016 for the annual Rally for Cyprus. Join us and march for freedom for Cyprus.  Continue reading

Looted treasures returned to Cyprus following German court decision

Cypriot heritage looted from Turkish occupied north of Cyprus

“With all that has been going on in the Middle East, the world seems to have failed to notice that the fox has been given the keys to the chicken coop,” said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus.

He was referring to the fact that Turkey was named chair of the world heritage committee of UNESCO at its 8 July 2015 meeting in Bonn, Germany. Continue reading

Atilla two: the second Turkish invasion of Cyprus

Greek Cypriot refugees

14 August marks the tragic day on which Turkey launched ‘Atilla two’ – its second brutal invasion of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974.

Turkey had already captured part of Cyprus in its initial invasion on 20 July 1974. It used the flimsy pretext that it was “restoring constitutional order” following a short-lived coup to overthrow President Makarios by the US-backed junta which was then ruling Greece.  Continue reading

41 years of Turkish occupation in Cyprus

Refugee-stamp-horiz-v2 On 20 July 2014 Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus and 41 years on, it continues to occupy the northern area of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey attacked the virtually undefended island state of Cyprus, spuriously claiming it did so in order to restore constitutional order, following a short-lived coup by the military junta then ruling Greece.  Continue reading

Seminar: The ‘Disappeared’ of Cyprus

The disappeared of Cyprus

The tragic stories of the missing persons of Cyprus, as told from the perspective of their relatives.

In the summer of 1974 Turkey invaded and ethnically cleansed the northern areas of Cyprus in violation of international law and ethical principles of civilised conduct.

To mark 41 years since the Turkish invasion and continued unlawful occupation of one third of the Republic of Cyprus, Lobby for Cyprus and the Organisation of Relatives of Missing Cypriots (UK) is focussing on the tragedy of the ‘disappeared’.

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Rally for Cyprus 2015

cyprus-london-rally-2015 As the 41st black anniversary of Turkey’s unlawful invasion and occupation in Cyprus approaches, Cypriots will take to the streets of central London on Sunday 5 July 2015, for the annual Rally for Cyprus. Lobby for Cyprus always endeavours to support this event. Join us and march for freedom from Turkish occupation and to protest against Turkish apartheid in Cyprus. Join us in calling for the 3Rs:

  • Removal of Turkish troops
  • Repatriation of Turkish colonists
  • The right of refugees to return

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