Paving the way for segregation in the Republic of Cyprus: 60 years since the London Agreement 

Archbishop Makarios and Fazil Kucuk sign the Zurich Agreements, 1960
The last Governor of Cyprus Sir Hugh Foot, Archbishop Makarios and Dr Fazil Kutchuck sign the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, 16 August 1960 © Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus

19 February marks the passage of 60 years since the London Agreement was initialled at Lancaster House in 1959. In common with so many texts which have come to haunt the Republic of Cyprus, the London Agreement was drafted in secret, in the absence of any public consultation exercise and in line with the interests of foreign powers. Continue reading


‘Racial segregation must be seen for what it is…’

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Photo: Dick DeMarsico (CC)

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, 15 January 1929 – 4 April 1968

Fifty years since the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, on 4 April 1968, Lobby for Cyprus continues to be inspired by his legacy. Continue reading