Erdogan’s visit to the UK: open letter to Prime Minister May


Lobby for Cyprus open letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Continue reading


Misleading BBC map of Cyprus corrected after protests by Lobby for Cyprus and Cypriot refugees in UK and Australia

BBC map of Cyprus as it appeared following protests by Cypriot refugees

Protests via social media by Lobby for Cyprus and Cypriot refugees led to apologies from BBC presenter Simon Reeve and broadcaster SBS Australia, and a correction by the BBC. Continue reading

Lessons of history: Constantinople

Artist’s depiction of the Greek Orthodox church of Ayia Sophia (Ἁγία Σοφία – Holy Wisdom) in Constantinople in the 10th century, prior to its conversion to a mosque and then museum

To this day, many Greeks consider Tuesday to be a day of ill omen – a black day – for it was on a Tuesday 29 May 1453 that the magnificent Christian city of Constantinople, capital of Byzantium, fell to the invading Ottoman Turks.  Continue reading