The Turkish regime has deepened its colonisation and exploitation of the occupied part of Cyprus

Turkish colonists: approximately 162,000 Turkish nationals have been illegally transferred to the occupied area of Cyprus by Turkey since 1974, in an attempt to alter the demographic composition of the island.

14 August marked the tragic day on which Turkey launched its second brutal invasion of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974. It has been asserted that the Turkish regime has deepened over the past 44 years its colonisation and exploitation of the occupied territory of Cyprus amid the international community’s silence and support for Turkey’s bi-communal bi-zonal federal policy. Continue reading


Lessons of history: Constantinople

Artist’s depiction of the Greek Orthodox church of Ayia Sophia (Ἁγία Σοφία – Holy Wisdom) in Constantinople in the 10th century, prior to its conversion to a mosque and then museum

To this day, many Greeks consider Tuesday to be a day of ill omen – a black day – for it was on a Tuesday 29 May 1453 that the magnificent Christian city of Constantinople, capital of Byzantium, fell to the invading Ottoman Turks.  Continue reading